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Our client wanted to construct a patio area in his back garden. We had previously extended his front parking area and overlaid it with resin bound gravel and he wanted to the new patio to match it. We removed the existing turf and laid edging setts which matched those used at the front of the house. We placed a concrete sub base to the patio area and overlaid it with a grey granite/pink resin bound gravel blend. We covered the existing access steps to the garden with resin bound gravel edged with stainless steel trims.


Our client had an existing worn concrete driveway. It was frost damaged and cracked but was structurally sound. The client did not want to have the inconvenience and cost associated with removing the existing concrete. We were able to suggest our resin bound gravel product as a means to utilise the existing concrete slab. The slab was thoroughly cleaned and a marine grade stainless steel edging trim was fixed to the existing surface. We then applied an 18mm thick coat of resin bound gravel on top of the worn concrete. We also refurbished the client’s front step using the same stone blend used on the main driveway surface.

Helen's Bay Driveway

Following a major home improvement project our client had an existing driveway which comprised concrete and asphalt with a number of service trenches cut through it. As the existing surfaces was generally in a good structural condition, we were able to offer our resin bound gravel product as a decorative paving option. This could be installed with minimal disruption and preparation cost savings. The service trenches were filled with concrete and the whole area cleaned prior to laying an 18mm thick coating of golden resin bound gravel.


Our clients had an existing concrete flagged footpath around their house. The existing surface was cracked in places but had not subsided. They wanted to create a new perimeter edging and overlay the existing flags with resin bound gravel. The clients wanted to create a bespoke blend of stones to satisfy the vision they had for the finished surface. We were able to provide a number of differing stone mix samples for them to consider. The final selection was a blend of 3 different stone types and sizes. Between the paved area and lawn we supplied and laid a complementary dark grey tegula sett border. The same setts were utilised to face an existing step.



Belfast Driveway

Lisburn Driveway

Belfast Driveway


Moira Driveway

Rosepark Driveway

Glenview Park Driveway

Resin Bound Garden Path

Private driveway

Patio refurbishment

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Step resurfacing

Step resurfacing

Step resurfacing

Step Resurfacing, Portadown

Step Refurbishment, Comber