LED Garden Art

We have developed our own range of resin bound glass pictures for use outdoors (or inside). The pictures look aesthetically pleasing during daylight and evening hours. LED Garden Art is suitable for outdoor situations such as patios, gardens, front entrances or any outdoor space. The framed crushed glass pictures double as evening lights as they have been fitted with LEDs which pass light through the glass creating a striking illuminated effect in darkness.

All of the component parts of our LED garden art range are designed for use in any weather conditions. LED Garden Art is easily maintained and can be cleaned using a hose or watering can. Our designs are framed with either oroko / mahogany timber or stainless steel to ensure they are suitable for use outdoors.

The LEDs are battery powered therefore need not be connected to mains electrical supplies. The picture designs can be tailored to client’s individual requirements and may include text for personal messages or numbers so they can be used for house numbers or ages. Our bespoke Garden Art products are suitable for commemorating special birthdays, anniversaries or other commemorative events.