Resin Bonded Gravel

Resin Bonded Gravel, also known as coat and scatter, is a coating of resin on to which decorative gravel is applied. This product provides very high slip resistance, and can be applied to existing suitable pavements. It can be applied to bituminous and concrete surfaces.

Resin Bonded Gravel Anti Slip treatment of existing surfaces

Resin Bonded Gravel is a suitable choice of product to overlay existing surfaces such as timber decking, bitmac, asphalt and concrete.

Timber decking is slippery due to algal growth which develops as the timber absorbs and retains moisture. After treating the growth and washing the decking, resin bonded gravel can be applied to the timber surface. We can also fill the decking grooves and board spaces prior to applying the resin bonded gravel to give a continuous coating of resin over the existing surface so the gaps between boards cannot be seen.

Concrete steps can be slippery when frost exists. The concrete can be cleaned and overlaid with resin bonded gravel to give a highly slip resistant covering during frosty weather.

For steep asphalt or concrete driveways/paths which are slippery in winter, Surface Bound Gravel can be laid on the most dangerous sloping sections. By choosing a gravel type which matches the existing adjacent surface, the Resin Surface blends in naturally and can add to its aesthetic appearance.