Resin Bound Gravel

Resin Bound Gravel is a combination of high quality UV stable clear resin mixed with dried decorative gravel. It can be laid on new or existing pavement surfaces. This product is sustainable urban drainage regulations compliant.

Benefits of Resin Bound Gravel

The benefits of Resin Bound Gravel include:

Highly decorative
Low maintenance
Suitable for pedestrian and vehicular use
Can be used as an indoor carpet
SUDs regulation compliant
Wide variet of design options
Adds value to private and commercial properties

  • Resin Bound Gravel

  • Resin Bound Gravel

  • Resin Bound Gravel

  • Resin Bound Gravel

  • Resin Bound Gravel

  • Resin Bound Gravel

Resin Bound Gravel is available in a wide range of gravel colours, sizes and textures. These gravels are suitable for use as driveways, patios and paths. We can tailor this product for use as an interior carpet.

The varied situations were Resin Bound Gravel is a cost effective alternative to traditional decorative pavement options include:

Public Realm Schemes
Public Buildings
Commercial Properties
Golf Course
Tree pit (pourous)

Resin Bound Gravel is easily maintained and therefore will keep its aesthetic appeal for many years.

Our resins are warranted in respect of stone migration, UV fading and crack resistance.

Resin Bound Gravel Range

Suitable for pedestrian/vehicular use

Staffordshire Pink
Brittany Bronze
Red Granite
Daltex Black
Autumn Gold
White Flint
Grey Granite
Silver Grey Granite
Golden Quartz
Corn Flint
Rhine Gold
Mourne Fleck
Rose Pink
White with Red & Green Glass

Suitable for pedestrian use

Green Glass
Blue Glass
Opaque Glass
Turquoise Glass