Self Binding Gravel

Self Binding Gravel consists of decorative stones that have been graded and mixed to form a self supporting surface. Using angular stones we maximise the structural capacity of self binding gravels. The aggregate blend is optimised via mixing to ensure structural and binding benefits are achieved.

The gravel can be placed by hand or machine laid. After spreading the gravel, a vibrating plate or roller is used to compact the stones and lock them into position. We recommend laying a 50mm base stone topped with 50mm of wearing coarse decorative gravel. The self binding gravel should be laid on a compacted stone substrate layer.

Uses of Self Binding Gravel include:

Garden paths
Nature trails
Golf courses

Self Binding Gravel Range

Autumn Brown
Golden Fleck
Salmon Pink
Steel Blue
Snow Flint
Silver Fleck
Honey Gold
Self Binding Gravel range at Show Area