Self Bound Gravel Maintenance and Aftercare

Self bound gravel relies on an engineered blend of aggregates mixed with fines to provide a stable surface. The final product is therefore porous which makes it susceptible to algae and over time the establishment of weed growth.

To remove and reduce algae growth we recommend treating the surface of the gravel with a solution containing sodium hypochlorite such as Red Label. The solution should be diluted with 1 part chlorine solution to 10 parts water. A watering can with a spray nozzle may be used for applying the solution.Depending on the location of the Self Bound Gravel treatment may be required 3 times per annum. (check manufacturers data sheet for health and safely / environmental advice)

Weed growth can be treated with an off the self weed killer. To avoid the use of chemicals weed growth can be controlled by removal by hand. To avoid disturbing the surface this should be carried out when the weeds are small.

To avoid leaf tannin staining the Self Bound Gravel a leaf blower should be used when the leaves are dry.

To remove stains from the bound gravel surface use a degreasing agent or detergent applied in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.Concentrated bleach should not be used to clean the surface as this may cause discolouring.

Do not drag heavy sharp edged objects over the finished surface. If there is a risk of heavy point impacts due to work or other activities, place a protective cover over the surface bound gravel until the relevant activity is completed.

It is normal that some gravel will come loose from the gravel surface. If this is an issue the surface may be re-compacted using a plate compactor or roller.

If any maintenance or aftercare issue arises which is not listed above, contact us and we will provide advice from our technical support team.