Surface Bound Gravel (exposed aggregate) Maintenance and Aftercare

We recommend that this product is sealed using a water or solvent based concrete sealer. Application of a proprietary sealer will protect the concrete surface from staining caused by oil or other spilled fluids. The timescale for resealing of the surface will depend on whether it is being used for commercial, residential vehicular or pedestrian traffic. As the sealers are also a good frost damage protection we recommend resealing the surface every 3 years. If the surface has been exposed to frequent application of salt it may require to be resealed within a shorter timescale.

The surface may be cleaned using a portable pressure washer. The surface can also be cleaned with a soapy household detergent applied with a soft/medium bristle brush and rinsed with a hose. Off the shelf patio cleaners may also be used.

If due to frost or snow salt is applied to the concrete, this should be washed off the surface after a thaw to prevent sodium chloride damage.

To remove stains from the concrete surface use a degreasing agent or detergent applied in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. Concentrated bleach should not be used to clean the surface as this may cause discolouring of the sealer or cement background.

Use a leaf blower or sweep the surface in the autumn to prevent tannin staining caused by decaying leaves.

Algal growth can be removed using diluted colourless bleach. 10 parts water to 1 part bleach is adequate to remove algal growth. If necessary proprietary moss treatments should be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines. If the surface is regularly brushed and kept clean, moss will not establish on the surface.

Chewing gum can be removed using a freeze spray such as Prochem chewing gum remover. ( After the gum is frozen, scrape off using a wallpaper scraper or blunt knife. Alternatively freeze the gum using ice cubes in a polythene bag before scraping the gum off the surface.

Construction joints should be inspected annually and if any unexpected wear characteristics are noted it may be necessary to reseal the joints.

It is normal that some smaller gravel may come loose from the concrete surface.

If any maintenance or aftercare issue arises which is not listed above, contact us and we will provide advice from our technical support team.

Some of the stones in the various mixes contain ferrous oxide which can cause some rust staining. If this is an issue ensure staining can be removed using oxalic acid. When removed the stone from which the staining derived should be resealed.

If any maintenance or aftercare issue arises which is not noted above, contact us and we will obtain advice from our resin suppliers technical support team. It is important that if an issue arises we are informed promptly. To ensure this product keeps its aesthetic qualities ensure these guidelines are followed.