Surface Bound Gravel

Surface Bound Gravel gives the appearance of being a loose decorative gravel, but is an insitu concrete pavement.

Surface Bound Gravel encompasses all of the decorative features of loose gravel coupled with the structural properties of concrete. Surface Solutions has researched and developed a process whereby we incorporate decorative gravels in high quality concrete mixes.

Over the last decade we have designed and developed a new range of Surface Bound Gravel finishes. Mixing and laying developments have enabled us to improve the natural gravel look of our hard wearing pavement surfaces.

Driveway before Surface Bound Gravel
Driveway with Surface Bound Gravel & Resin Bound trim

What is Surface Bound Gravel?

Surface Bound Gravel is a process whereby decorative aggregates are fixed in concrete. In addition to having the aestethic qualities of decorative gravel, our product has the hard wearing characteristics of concrete. We use high strength cement mixes containing fibres to enhance crack resistance and tensile properties in our finished surfaces. We also add air entrainment to the mixes which provides frost damage resistance to Surface Bound Gravel. Polyurethane sealers are used to protect the concrete from ingress of water and staining while enhancing the natural colours in the decorative gravel surface.

Benefits of Surface Bound Gravel

The benefits of Surface Bound Gravel compared with commonly used decorative surfaces include:

Prohibits weed growth
Low maintenance
Value for money compared to common pavement types
High compressive strength which facilitates a long life product
Wide variety of design options, including bespoke patterns
Adds value to private and commercial properties
Can be incorporated with resin bound gravel to comply with sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) regulations

Typical situations were Surface Bound Gravel would be an excellent choice include:

Private driveways and patios
Public Realm Areas
Care homes and hospitals
National Trust sites
Parks and Recreational sites
Commercial premises
Museums or historical sites
Golf courses

Surface Bound Gravel Range

River Pebble
Snow Flint
Forest Hazel
Salmon Pebble
Honey Quartz
Golden Pebble
Rainbow Pebble
Granite Pebble
Autumn Brown
Salmon Pink
Golden Fleck
Steel Blue
Silver Fleck
Sea Green